Winner of Judges Award at the 2014 FLAG symposium, held in St. Augustine, FL

Winner of the Best in Show for Warrior at the 2015 FLAG Symposium, held in Bonita Springs, FL

Duff-Bohrer recently had a large charcoal , “Requiem”
accepted into the Permanent collection at the Leepa-Ratner Museum of  Art, in Tarpon Springs, Fla. 

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Joan in Salem studio

joan duff bohrer


My work is deeply involved in the layering of drawn images, adding veils of color, the destruction and reconstruction of forms and a gradual simplification using the tools of my trade: mark making, lines, and gestural color.

My subject matter includes emotional states, contradictory forces, and transience in all levels of life. Having been described as “an abstract painter with discernible references to the natural world”, I realize that I often find icons for these forces in the natural world: flowers, birds, cages, vessels of all kinds, hooks, chairs, ladders, fragments of words, amaryllis bulbs, and garlic bulbs (my newest icon)..

I believe that orchestral music and abstract painting relate. Both involve the imagination of the viewer/audience to be appreciated.

Joan Duff-Bohrer October 2012



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Pine Rock 

"Pine Rock"

These paintings evolved from a  week of isolation on Monhigan  Island, Maine. I wanted to catch  the serenity that I felt.



I liked the idea of giving visual portrayal to movement and sound. Flutter was motivated by the invasion of green parrots in my yard.


"Blue Shadow"

Broad Fields, undulating hills, shaded woods, ponds and streams provide patterns of contrast in texture and color. they represent my northern home.


Beach Shack

"Beach Shack"

"A focus on the feeling of space afforded by a horizon line and variations on prominent subject matter are my concerns in this series"

BEACH Series



As this familiar image evolved, I saw a representation of diversity of thought and choice in any group.


"E Harmony"

These images deal with moods, thoughts, and observations. The drawings and paintings are titled after the artist has arrived at the completed image.


"Repeat Warning"

Impressions generated by world news is the impetus for these collaged, roughly surfaced oil paintings. The large bas relief assemblages incorporate found objects.

HOME Series


Watching the gradual emergence of blossoms from the amaryllis bulb suggested growth in all its forms, human, emotional, and mental.


 Lures  "Fishing Series" by Joan Duff Bohrer


This is one of three paintings which share the human trait of always seeking a change of any sort. The hook and the title "Fishing" are the metaphors for this idea.


Charlotte by Joan Duff Bohrer


I think I’ve wanted to see if the essence of the peony was something I could discover, and to a degree, abstract.  These paintings, which I call “Riffs on the Peony” are such an attempt.

PEONY Series

Night Wind by Duff Bohrer

"Night Wind"

The suggestion of horizontal or vertical figures and roof lines suggesting shelter in a darkened landscape project an introspective mood.





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